Upcoming Blue Connections Event

Session: SUMMIT SECRETS; Resilience and Adaptability

Keynote Speaker: Andrew Lock OAM – Motivational speaker, Author, Mountaineer

One word describes Andrew Lock.  RESILIENCE.  He is the only member of the entire British Commonwealth to have climbed all fourteen of the world’s 8000 metre – death zone – mountains, all without oxygen, guides or Sherpa support.   That journey took 16 years. He has been buried in avalanches, fell into innumerable crevasses and survived multiple -30C bivouacs at night, at 8000 metres, without oxygen, tents or sleeping bags.  He lost more than 20 friends to those mountains.   And that is just part of our next Blue Connections speaker’s story.

Date: Tuesday, 28 June 2022

Time: 6:30pm for light refreshments – 7pm to 8pm session

Location: The Views, Life Saving Victoria State Centre, Port Melbourne

Session Overview: 

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