Vic athletes raise the curtain for iconic Kelloggs Nutri Grain IronMan and IronWoman Series

Fourteen athletes from across Victoria had the chance of a lifetime to compete in the Surf Life Saving Australia Super Surf Teams League, raising the curtain for the iconic Kelloggs Nutri Grain IronMan and IronWoman Series at North Bondi Surf Life Saving Club this weekend. 

The Victorian Super Surf Teams League teams.

 For the first time ever, Victoria fielded two teams in the event, Victoria Blues and Victoria White, who battled it out against teams from New South Wales, Queensland and South Australia over three days of competition. 

 Unfortunately, water events were cancelled on day three due to a tsunami warning, but Victoria was still able to put in two days of solid competition in the water and three days on the sand.   

“I’m very proud of our Victorian athletes for their solid competition efforts in the Super Surf Teams League,” said team manager Sonia Kinsey.

“Although it is disappointing that day three had to be cancelled, this competition was a valuable experience, allowing LSV to bring our younger competitors interstate to race against top quality athletes from across the nation.

“We look forward to continuing to compete at more interstate events in the future. Thank you to everyone who supports our athletes and sport.”

Jessica Jackson and Mia Spencer racing in the women’s beach sprint.

As well as raising the curtain for the iconic Kelloggs Nutri Grain Series, the Super Surf Teams League also featured the Ocean Relay, which is one of the events SLSA will take to the International Olympic Committee as they bid for lifesaving sports to be a part of the 2032 Brisbane Olympic Games. 

LSV director aquatic sport Aaron Green said it is an exciting time to be involved in lifesaving sports and that LSV will continue to encourage increased opportunities to compete at the highest level.

“Life Saving Victoria is incredibly proud of our athletes for their enormous efforts at the SLSA Super Surf Teams League,” he said.

“To make one of the teams is an achievement in itself, so to see our Victorian competitors coming away with top three finishes in the water and on the sand is fantastic, especially after such a disruptive two years for our athletes with COVID-19 lockdown impacts.

“It is incredible to think that in ten years’ time, we could be seeing Victorian athletes lining up for board, surf, ski and sprint races like they were at North Bondi this weekend for an Olympic gold medal. 

“We thank our athletes for their outstanding efforts and attitudes over the weekend, their clubs and families for their support as they excel in their chosen sports.

“A special mention and thanks must also go to Sonia Kinsey and Cliff Goulding who were the respective Victorian team manager and head coach for the competition, and to Engine Swim, the supporting partner of the Victorian state team.”

Ben Harris racing for Victoria in the men’s board event.

Each event saw points accrued for the teams, with Victoria Blues finishing in 10th and Victoria White finishing 12th at the event’s conclusion. 

To view the full photo album from the event, head to LSV’s Facebook page.



Friday 14 January – round one 

Men’s beach sprint – B final
1st: Jack Wolff (Altona LSC)
2nd: Saxon Davidson (Altona LSC) 

Men’s surf race:
2nd: Xavier Purcell (Portsea SLSC) 

Men’s board race:
3rd: Jayden Schram (Torquay SLSC)
6th: Ben Harris (Torquay SLSC) 

Women’s board race:
5th Mia Cook (Warrnambool SLSC) 

 Women’s beach flags – A final
6th: Jessica Jackson (Seaspray SLSC) 

 Overall result – round one:
8th: Victoria Blues
10th: Victoria White 

 Saturday 15 January – round two

Men’s beach flags – B final
1st: Saxon Davidson (Altona LSC)
3rd: Jack Wolff (Altona LSC) 

 Women’s beach flags – A final
3rd: Jessica Jackson (Seaspray SLSC) 

Women’s board race
5th: Mia Cook (Warrnambool SLSC) 

 Overall result – round two:
11th: Victoria Blues
12th: Victoria White 

 Sunday 16 January – round three 

Men’s beach sprint – B final
2nd: Jack Wolff (Altona LSC)
3rd: Saxon Davidson (Altona LSC) 

Men’s beach flags – A final
3rd: Saxon Davidson (Altona LSC) 

 Overall competition results:  1st: South Coast Makos (Queensland)
2nd: Sunshine Coast Marlins (Queensland)
3rd: Point Danger Seawolves (Queensland)
4th: New South Wales Rays
5th: South Australia Reds
6th: New South Wales Dolphins
7th: New South Wales Sharks
8th: New South Wales Penguins
9th: New South Wales Orcas
10th: Victoria Blues
11th: Queensland Country Canecutters
12th: Victoria White 


Women’s ski race:
1st: Maddy Hurst (Half Moon Bay SLSC) 


 Women’s beach flags – B final
2nd: Mia Spencer (Hampton LSC) 

Mixed ski relay:
3rd: Maddy Hurst (Half Moon Bay SLSC) and Ben Walker (North Bondi SLSC)  

Mixed board relay:
5th: Mia Cook (Warrnambool SLSC) and Ben Harris (Torquay SLSC) 

 Mixed Ocean Relay:
6th: Victoria Blues
8th: Victoria White 




Mixed beach relay – B final
2nd: Jack Wolff (Altona LSC) and Mia Spencer (Hampton LSC) 

Women’s surf race
3rd: Paige Holt (Mordialloc LSC) 

Mixed ski relay
6th: Maddy Hurst (Half Moon Bay SLSC) and Ben Walker (North Bondi SLSC) 




Women’s beach flags – A final
3rd: Jessica Jackson (Seaspray SLSC) 


 Mixed beach relay – A final
4th: Jack Wolff (Altona LSC) and Mia Spencer (Hampton LSC) 

Jessica Jackson (L) in the women’s beach flags.

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