Youth Symposium empowers next generation of lifesaving leaders

Life Saving Victoria (LSV) welcomed some of its promising young leaders to the 2021 Youth Symposium on Saturday 20 November, to collaborate with their peers as they take the next step in their lifesaving journeys. 

The Youth Symposium engaged thirty two 13 – 17-year-old members, who attended LSV’s Port Melbourne headquarters for an interactive day of professional development, team building exercises and practical lifesaving activities. 

Attendees also heard from 2021 Lifesaver of the Year Chris Perrott and 2020 Beach Lifeguard of the Year Hannah Tzimokas, who shared their learnings from their own experiences within LSV. 

The Youth Symposium was made possible by the LSV Junior (LSVj) Advisory Committee, which is a group of youth members responsible for representing youth member views, values and ideas.  

Working together, the LSVj Advisory Committee developed the program and content for the Youth Symposium, to support their peers to become potential future LSVj Advisory Committee members and leaders at their own lifesaving clubs. 

Being in the same age bracket as the Youth Symposium attendees meant the LSVj Advisory Committee was able to build a program that was engaging and relevant for their peers. 

The LSVj Advisory Committee at the 2021 Youth Symposium.

One of the committee members is Mae James, who said being part of the committee has given her and other young lifesavers a valuable opportunity to contribute to the future of LSV and its members. 

“It has been so empowering to be an LSVj mentor, as I have been able to take on new challenges and opportunities to develop my leadership skills and meet great like-minded peers from other clubs,” she said.  

“Meeting and working with the next group of upcoming leaders at the 2021 Youth Symposium was exciting, knowing that the future of youth lifesaving in Victoria is bright. 

“I hope the LSVj Advisory Committee continues to play a significant role in shaping the future of lifesaving and ensuring the next generation of lifesavers have the chance to have a voice in the decision-making processes.” 

The symposium culminated in a set of youth lifesaving challenges for attendees to innovate and solve.  

The winning team came up with a way to redevelop the youth involvement program in a bid to increase engagement of youth members with lifesaving and enhance youth retention, while the runners up proposed a way to make patrols more engaging and a learning opportunity for youth members. 

Congratulations to all who participated. We look forward to sharing more information about the innovation outcomes in the coming months. 

The innovation challenge winning team (redeveloping the youth involvement program) included: 

Luke Swain, Waratah Beach SLSC 

Ayden Fawaz, Woolamai Beach SLSC 

Brydie Logan, Williamstown S&LSC 

Peggy McDonald, Lakes Entrance SLSC 

Sienna Moore, Mentone LSC  

LSV Youth Symposium 2021 innovation challenge winners.


The runners up (increase patrol engagement) included:  

Peter Holland, Sorrento SLSC 

Mason Phillips, Altona LSC 

Chelsea Rosewarne, Mornington LSC 

Maddie Quail, Black Rock LSC 

Heidi Slifiriski-Krista, Waratah Beach SLSC 

Innovation challenge runner up team at the 2021 LSV Youth Symposium.

 If you are interested in joining the LSVj Advisory Committee, or think someone from your club would be a good fit, head to 

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