Heppell headlining final Blue Connections for 2021

Life Saving Victoria (LSV) is gearing up to deliver the final Blue Connections event for 2021, which will see us welcome back The Resilience Project partner and facilitator and former Australian Rules Football and South Australian National Football League star Martin Heppell. 

Following a challenging year and looking ahead into another busy summer, Martin’s session will provide attendees with tools and strategies to help discover their personal resilience.  

The Discovering Resilience session will be based on three strategies: 

  • Gratitude – appreciating what you have, not focusing on what you don’t 
  • Empathy – thinking of the needs of others and the importance of kindness 
  • Mindfulness – being present in the moment, not becoming distracted by unhelpful or negative thoughts 
  • “I’m looking forward to joining you online to talk to you about positive wellbeing strategies, and the things you can do for yourself as individuals but also for your loved ones in this space,” Martin said. 
Martin Heppell from The Resilience Project.

Martin also promises an engaging environment with plenty of laughs along the way, even when confined to a virtual setting. 

“If you’ve watched everything on Netflix, seen everything on Stan and you’ve got nothing else to do on Thursday 4 November, rock on up and see how you go with it,” he jokes.  

His jokes aside, Martin’s session is not one to be missed, with his unique background growing up in Borneo and living with a Dayak headhunting tribe, as well as an energetic presentation demeanor and vast experience with more than 1,700 The Resilience Project seminars under his belt since 2016. 

Although we cannot yet welcome guests back to Blue Connections at our Port Melbourne state centrethe health and safety of our guests, volunteers, presenters and staff is of utmost importance.  

We look forward to welcoming you and your teams to connect, share and reset for 2022 in this virtual Zoom format with the incredible and refreshing Martin Heppell.  

Head to LSV’s website to register for the Discovering Resilience session, to be held at 6.30pm on Thursday 4 November.  

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