LSV’s position on COVID-19 vaccinations

The current government roadmap for reopening states that participating in physical recreation and community sport, and attending community facilities, swimming pools, and hospitality venues will be permitted for people who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 when the state reaches the 70 per cent double-dose mark, expected on or around 26 October 2021.

Due to the diverse nature of our organisation and the many services and activities we facilitate, this means LSV members, employees, industry and community partners, contractors and visitors will need to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 by 26 October 2021 to be able to attend an LSV or club facility, deliver an LSV or club service in person, or participate in an LSV or club activity in person, in order to comply with the roadmap.

This extends from our emergency services role to our community sports and recreational activities, and to the training and customer service areas of our operations. Exemptions will apply in line with the Chief Health Officer directions, and we will support those with a valid exemption to continue to participate in lifesaving in a safe, inclusive and practical way.

The safety and wellbeing of our people and our communities is our highest priority, and we recognise our duty of care to positively contribute to the pandemic response. This includes taking reasonable steps to avoid harm related to COVID-19 to our members, volunteers, employees and the community; and in particular, vulnerable members of the communities we work with and serve.

Vaccinations save lives and are critical to Victoria’s reopening plans, though in order for them to work and to protect those most at risk, the vast majority of the population needs to take up the shared responsibility of getting vaccinated.

With LSV’s membership and workforce fully vaccinated against COVID-19, we can continue to provide our lifesaving services to those who need them, with greatly reduced risk of community transmission. It also means we can protect those vulnerable members of our community who cannot be vaccinated, or who are most at-risk from COVID-19, and reduce the risk of disruption to our clubs and lifesaving services from future exposures.

By ensuring all our people are vaccinated against COVID-19, our clubs, beaches, workplaces and communities will be safer and more inclusive for all.

Further information on LSV’s vaccination position and how it will be managed has been detailed in a comprehensive FAQs document.

Catherine Greaves

Life Saving Victoria CEO

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