Member Mondays: Meet Maddy

Fairhaven SLSC’s Maddy Green. Photo credit: Steb Fisher Photography.

For a swimmer caught in a rip or struggling in the sea, the sight of Life Saving Victoria’s Rescue Water Craft (RWC or jet skis) hurtling through the waves to assist is most welcome.

Being so agile in the surf and quick to deploy from the beach, LSV’s RWC operators, like Fairhaven Surf Life Saving Club’s Maddy Green, are often the first to access a patient during a rescue.

Completing 110 voluntary patrol hours and conducing four rescues on the RWC, Maddy is a much valued member of the LSV team, with her dedication to saving lives and keeping Surf Coast swimmers safe.

“The RWC is one of the fastest means of reaching swimmers struggling in the water,” Maddy said.

“RWCs are also important for aiding search and rescues outside of patrol areas as they can quickly reach people in distress in more remote areas and can manoeuvre around obstacles such as rocks.”

In Maddy’s role she is also involved in preventative actions, to identify risks before they become an issue for swimmers.

“Part of my role with the RWC is monitoring conditions like wave size and intensity and rips, to ensure beachgoers on the Surf Coast are able to enjoy our beautiful beach safely.

“Our Fairhaven volunteers and lifeguards have worked extremely hard all summer to keep people safe, with more people travelling within Victoria due to the COVID-19 pandemic we had lots of visitors keen for the beach fix this summer.”

Thank you Maddy for keeping us safe in the water!

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