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For the first time in its history, Life Saving Victoria (LSV) has a majority of female directors on its board.

Six of LSV’s 11 directors (55 per cent) are female, all of whom volunteer their time to ensure LSV continues to be a resilient, dynamic and well-governed organisation.

This exceeds Sport and Recreation Victoria’s guidelines that recommend at least 40 per cent female representation on sporting organisation boards, and the average of 32.1 per cent female representation currently on ASX200 company boards.

The Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD) maintains that “diversity of representation on boards leads to stronger, better decision-making.”

Of LSV’s 11 directors, seven ordinary directors are elected or nominated by LSV’s five councils, three independent directors are appointed by the LSV Board, and the Chair is elected at LSV’s Annual General Meeting.

Generally, directors serve a two-year term, with a maximum of three consecutive terms.

To assist in LSV director succession planning, and to ensure that the LSV Board has the best collective skills and experience set possible to achieve LSV’s vision and mission, LSV regularly updates its board skills matrix to help identify key board skill gaps.

The board skills matrix sets out the skills and experience of each Director and the Board collectively, and any current or forec skill key gaps. This then allows the Board to be more strategic in its succession planning.

Councils are then encouraged to elect ordinary directors with the relevant skills, and when the opportunity arises, independent directors are appointed to help fill the gap.

To learn more about LSV’s board, check out the director bios.

The “Did you know…” section of E-News aims to help our members understand the broader governance framework and other governance initiatives conducted by LSV. Having best practice governance tailored towards our volunteers, social enterprise and emergency service operations is a core pillar and enabler to LSV’s mission to prevent aquatic-related death and injury in all Victorian communities. Please contact governance@lsv.com.au for further information.

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