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Platinum Pool Program

The Platinum Pool Program was introduced to highlight facilities achieving the highest standards in aquatic safety and risk management. Life Saving Victoria (LSV) would like to congratulate and acknowledge Sunshine Leisure Centre as one of the newest members of the Platinum Pool Program.

Sunshine Leisure Centre is now one of 38 pools across Victoria who are recognised as industry leaders in water safety by demonstrating best practice and outstanding levels of safety to patrons visiting the facility.

Brimbank Mayor Cr Ranka Rasic said “Safety is an important part of everything we do at Brimbank. We’re proud to be recognised as industry leaders in water safety, so that our community can visit Sunshine Leisure Centre knowing they will receive the best possible standard of supervision.”

As a member of the Platinum Pool Program, Sunshine Leisure Centre will now join the Platinum Pool Steering Committee, which meets quarterly, to engage with industry peers, contribute to and support the ongoing development of safety initiatives within the aquatic industry. The Platinum Pool Steering Committee will next convene on 17th March 2021.

The expansion of the Platinum Pool Program is a reflection on the improved results from Pool Safety Assessments undertaken at aquatic facilities throughout Victoria in the last financial year. With the introduction of the Victorian Public Pools Register two years ago, there has been an increase in both the compliance and safety scores in the last financial year which is then available to the public and facility management with a Gold, Silver or Bronze endorsement on the Lifesaving Victoria website.

As swimming is one of Australia’s largest participation sport, it is positive that aquatic facilities continue to be proactive and demonstrate their commitment to safety across all aspects of facility management.

The receipt of Platinum Pool accreditation is recognised as a sign of excellence within the industry and patrons can visit these facilities knowing that they will receive the best possible standard of supervision. For more information go to:  

LSV would like to thank Ecosave for their generous support of the Platinum Pool Program.

Water Quality Risk Management Plans

In December 2020, the Water quality guidelines for public facilities were published. This is a reminder that public aquatic facilities have key compliance requirements to be met under the Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2008 and the Public Health and Wellbeing Regulations 2019.

As aquatic facilities are covered by these Regulations, aquatic facilities must follow the Water quality guidelines.

What does this mean to an owner/operator of a facility?

  • All aquatic facilities must have a water quality risk management plan in place to help minimise potential public health risks.

What information is required in the plan?

  • A summary of the key regulatory compliance requirements water quality risk management elements must be met, including the registration of your facility with your local council. This should have occurred prior to 14th December 2020.

Further information on the Water quality guidelines and the development of a water quality risk management plan, refer to the links listed below:

DHHS public-health/water/aquatic-facilities/quality-guidelines

DHHS developing-water-quality-risk-mgmt-plan

Verification Monitoring and Microbiological Parameters

As there is a requirement to undertake periodic verification monitoring of microbiological and chemical parameters, it is timely for LSV to partner with ALS who is a global leader in providing field sampling, laboratory testing, inspections, certifications and verification solutions.

ALS is viewed as an ideal partner to the Platinum Pool program. You can view their webpage to learn more and contact the team here: Contact Us : ALS (

With several laboratories across Victoria (Bendigo, Geelong, Melbourne, Traralgon and Wangaratta) and numerous other regional Victoria office locations, ALS is well equipped to assist aquatic facilities with both undertaking independent field sampling and laboratory analysis of the microbiological and chemical verification monitoring water quality criteria including i) Escherichia coli (or thermotolerant coliforms), ii) Pseudomonas aeruginosa and iii) Heterotrophic colony count (HCC) and other necessary chemical criteria parameters such as free chlorine, alkalinity and cyanuric acid.

The frequency of monitoring is determined by the risk profiles as set out in Table A2.4 in the Water quality guidelines:

  • High-risk facilities should be tested monthly.
  • Low-medium risk facilities should be tested quarterly.

ALS currently provides water sampling and laboratory analysis to large proportion of the Victorian Water Utilities, local councils including a large number of council run and privately owned aquatic facilities throughout the state” says Bruce Pollard, Group Manager of ALS Water. “ALS’s primary aim is to make it as easy, straightforward and cost-effective for the owners and operators of aquatic and recreational facilities to undertake the necessary verification monitoring as required under Version 2.0 Water quality guidelines for public aquatic facilities released in December 2020.

ALS can provide all the necessary sampling, analysis, reporting and logistical support required to simplify and facilitate ongoing guideline compliance. We are happy to help in whatever way is needed.

LSV is looking forward to working with ALS and values that they too see safety as a priority.

Blue Connections Online

Session: ‘From Safeway Trainee to CEO – A unique journey  in Leadership’ with Lex de Man, CEO Victoria Police Legacy
Thursday 25th March 2021

Time: 6:30pm @ Life Saving Victoria State Centre

Session Information and Registration: HERE 

Session Overview: The session will provide you with an overview of how Lex commenced his career, the challenges and opportunities that presented themselves throughout a career that has seen him employed by Victoria Police as a Uniformed Officer and a Detective, as a senior executive within the Country Fire Authority, as Mayor of a Municipality and as the CEO of Victoria Police Legacy.

Industry Masterclass

Session: Industry Communication Masterclass with Peter Agnew – Director, People Development Australia

Date: Tuesday 9th March 2021

Time: 1pm @ Life Saving Victoria State Centre

Session Information and Registration: HERE 

Session Overview: Developed for our industry, in this Communications Masterclass, we’ll have candid and casual conversations on dealing with challenging behaviours, including angry and argumentative people.

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