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The Federal Government recently announced major reform across the charities and not-for-profit sector, with a proposal to cut red tape for charities conducting public fundraisings.

Under the current arrangement, each state and territory has its own separate fundraising rules, and charities must obtain authorisation or a licence from each applicable state or territory where donations are sourced.

With more charities engaging in online fundraising (for example, via a ‘donate here’ link on their website or a crowdfunding campaign), this means charities must comply with the multiple different requirements of each relevant state and territory.

This is both tricky and time consuming given the different arrangements, licensing, reporting and acquittal processes.

Under the recent proposal, as ratified by the Council on Federal Financial Relations (CFFR), charities will no longer be required to obtain fundraising authorisation across multiple jurisdictions. Instead, the CFFR has agreed to establish a cross-border recognition model to harmonise fundraising laws.

This is anticipated to reduce costs and administrative burden for charities who operate online, or across multiple jurisdictions.

Life Saving Victoria is a registered charity with the Australian Charities and Not-For-Profit Commission (ACNC). Most of LSV’s 57 affiliated clubs are also registered charities.

For more information on fundraising in Victoria, click here. For a useful summary of the current fundraising requirements for each state and territory, click here.

Fundraising may include:

  • public appeals to support lifesaving clubs,
  • telephone or doorknock appeals,
  • golf days, movie nights or trivia nights, or
  • sale of goods where part of the sale price is said to be donated to a charity.

The “Did you know…” section of E-News aims to help our members understand the broader governance framework and other governance initiatives conducted by LSV. Having best practice governance tailored towards our volunteers, social enterprise and emergency service operations is a core pillar and enabler to LSV’s mission to prevent aquatic-related death and injury in all Victorian communities. Please contact governance@lsv.com.au for further information. 

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