Water Safety Should Remain Top Priority for Reopening Pools

With many Victorians having had fewer experiences around water this year, water safety should remain the primary safety consideration for pool owners and operators.

To assist with appropriate decision-making and compliance, LSV have developed a self-assessment checklist for aquatic facility owners and operators which includes links to relevant supporting information / resources.

Chief considerations should remain:

  • Are aquatic facility staff appropriately trained and qualified?
  • Have lifeguards and swim teachers completed an in-service training session prior to the re-opening of the pool?
  • Has the facility’s aquatic risk assessment and supervision plan been appropriately reviewed and updated?
  • Have corrective actions resulting from pool safety assessments and mystery guest visits been completed?
  • Does the aquatic facility have compliant and visible water safety signage?
  • Does the facility have an appropriate child supervision program in place?
  • Does the aquatic facility have an appropriate adult vulnerable swimmer program in place?
  • Has the supervision plan been audited per the requirements in the Guidelines for Safe Pool Operations?
  • Has the supervision system been tested, such as by a Life Saving Mystery Shopper?

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