SwimSafe Updates & Yearly Accreditation Renewal 2021

LSV are currently sending out SwimSafe Renewals Forms to all 2020 accredited facilities. The SwimSafe program is current in place in 75 Victorian public pools.

Updates to SwimSafe this year include:

  • A new E-learning suite for facility staff to reduce direct training costs and improve training quality
  • A train-the-trainer webinar for facility management

In 2018, Royal Life Saving Australia (RLSSA) published the report, ‘A 10 Year Analysis of Drowning in Aquatic Facilities’ (RLSSA, 2018b). The report analysed fatal and non-fatal drowning incidents in Australian aquatic facilities between 2005 and 2015. Key findings included:

  • 36 drowning deaths in public / commercial swimming pools
  • 257 non-fatal drowning incidents in public / commercial swimming pools
  • 28% of those who drowned were born overseas
  • 61% of those who drowned had a pre-existing medical condition
  • $4.2m is the estimated cost of a single drowning death.

In January 2020, Life Saving Victoria introduced the SwimSafe program, following research findings and coronial recommendations. The program is an awareness campaign educating vulnerable swimmers of the importance of water safety and to identify their vulnerabilities to staff members prior to entering the water. The program provides facility staff will the skills, knowledge, techniques and resources to influence patron behaviour to improve the safety of the children in their care.

The SwimSafe Campaign uses communication materials developed based on empirical evidence and previous studies to inspire pool patrons to adopt safe behaviours in and around public pools. The program has the added benefit of enabling compliance against the Guidelines for Safe Pool Operations which specifically references measures that should be taken to support adult vulnerable swimmers.

If you are in charge of water safety at a public aquatic facility and are unsure if you need to register for or renew your SwimSafe agreement for 2021 and / or have not received a form- please either contact us on 03 9676 6985 or send your registration form to swimsafe@lsv.com.au

Note: this renewal process is not applicable to facilities managed by: Aligned Leisure, Belgravia Leisure and / or YMCA Victoria.

For more information on SwimSafe please refer to our webpage: https://lsv.com.au/pool-safety-services/swimsafe/

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