Volunteer profile: Zaabi Jalali

For this month’s volunteer profile, we catch up with Bonbeach LSC youth patroller Zaabi Jalali, who is now into his fourth season at the club and is also one of LSV’s casual multicultural team members.

Current Club:

Bonbeach Life Saving Club.

How long have you been involved in lifesaving?

It’s been nearly four years that I’ve been involved in lifesaving.

Why did you become involved in lifesaving?

The four-year journey with LSV has involved different volunteering activities and multiple programs that were running through the Multicultural department. these have helped me learn more about water safety and enable me to teach others.  I have gained experience that I now realise is important to give back to the community.

 What are some of your responsibilities at your club?

I’ve done many qualifications, including Surf Rescue Certificate,  Bronze medallion, IRB Crew, Spinal Management and First Aid. The responsibilities I carry out are to maintain the safety of people at the beach and follow-up the club protocol to report any hazards.

What do you enjoy most about lifesaving?

I enjoy working in a positive team to achieve a set outcome.

How do you encourage others to get involved with lifesaving and volunteering?

By sharing my experience and guiding others about the importance of working as a lifesaver.

What is your greatest achievement in lifesaving so far?

Working with LSV’s Multicultural department as a water safety instructor.

When you’re not lifesaving, what keeps you busy?

I usually keep myself busy with my school studies and working with a non-profit organisation called Nasle Baba, where I am the volunteer media and training officer.

Current LSV volunteer roles:

Patroller and IRB Crew.

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