Building cultural competence in your club or facility

As Australia’s population has steadily increased over time, so has the diversity and makeup of the people within it. LSV’s Cultural Competence training course (available online) is therefore an important step for any individual or organisation in today’s aquatic environment.

Made available thanks to the support of the team at Royal Life Saving New South Wales, the RLSSA Cultural Competency training course provides candidates with valuable knowledge on how increasing organisational diversity makes businesses stronger and more accessible, while also contributing positively to settlement, social cohesion and community safety.

“Victoria becomes more culturally diverse each day and unfortunately many of these more recent Australians have not received swimming or water safety education,” Erin Collins, LSV’s Training Manager, said. “These skills are vital to their safety, so to be able to equip the aquatic industry with skills to engage with this more vulnerable population is so important.”

The training is fully online and delivered across 9 short sharp modules. As a result, the training can be completed at your own pace and convenience and will take between 1.5 to 3 hours to complete. It is completely FREE.

This online learning has been funded by the NSW Government and there are a restricted number of licences available for release.

“Not only is it important for vulnerable communities, it’s also good for showing the public your values when it comes to diversity,” Ms Collins said. “Where 75% of an aquatic facility’s staff have completed the training, that facility will be deemed a Culturally Qualified Centre.”

For those centres, LSV will provide marketing material to be used across social media and organisational websites to share with their members and the public.

For further information please contact, 03 9676 6950 or visit

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