Extension of Pool Lifeguard Awards

It is planned that an additional systematic extension will be applied for Pool Lifeguard qualified industry personnel, who hold awards which have expired since training ceased as a result of the State of Emergency.

The extension will be for a six (6) week period from the date that all pools are permitted to reopen. At this point that exact date remains unknown, although it appears that it will align with either the move to the Government’s ‘Third step’ or ‘Last Step’ stage of restriction easing. We will provide further information on dates once there is further clarity on the recent Government roadmaps.

This planned extension will not extend to First Aid awards, as these remain available (to both new and existing candidates) from various training providers.

LSV is also working with industry and emergency service partners in advocating Government to provide an exemption to pool closures, to enable Pool Lifeguard, Aquatic Technical Operator courses and aquatic skills / fitness activities to be delivered.

The exemption would enable key courses (which are mandatory for the industry) to be delivered in a uniquely controlled and safe environment. The intention of the exemption request which LSV has made in partnership with VICSES and the CFA is to:

  • Begin working through the backlog of industry personnel who have been unable to update their pool lifeguard qualifications;
  • Support industry to have a sufficient number of pool lifeguard qualified staff in the lead up to a summer;
  • Enable industry personnel to obtain the Aquatic Technical Operator skill set, which is the mandatory requirement following the introduction of the 2019 Public Health and Wellbeing Regulations;
  • Enable emergency service personnel to undertake their skills maintenance and fitness testing requirements ahead of the summer.

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