Aquatic Industry Training Updates

Aquatic and Emergency Care Courses

The table below sets out the current delivery status of LSV Pool Lifeguard, Teacher of Swimming and Water Safety and Aquatic Technical Operator training courses, following the Government announcement made on 6 September.

Metropolitan Melbourne – Effective for Step 2 (28 SEPT)

Course Types Key Courses Public Courses

@ Outdoor pools

Group Courses

@ Outdoor pools

@Home Course
Aquatic Pool Lifeguard Permitted workers Permitted workers
Swim Teacher
Aquatic Technical Operator Permitted workers Permitted workers
Emergency Care CPR Y
First Aid Y
Advanced First Aid Permitted workers

Regional Victoria – Effective for Step 2 (14 SEPT)

Course Types Key Courses Public Courses Group Courses @Home Course
Aquatic Pool Lifeguard Y Y
Swim Teacher Y Y
Aquatic Technical Operator Y Y
Emergency Care CPR Y
First Aid Y
Advanced First Aid Y

CPR@Home and First Aid@Home

LSV’s new CPR@Home and First Aid@Home training courses will enable industry personnel to complete or update their CPR and First Aid qualifications from the comfort and convenience of their own home.

The adapted courses are fully accredited and meet both workplace and legislative requirements. The courses make use of online learning to deliver the theory training, and new instructional video demonstrations to guide individuals through their practical assessment tasks.

All the required resuscitation and first aid equipment is delivered to your door and will remain yours to keep and practice on in the future. LSV’s office team and qualified trainers remain on hand to assist you, as you progress through the course at your own pace and convenience.

With many people spending more time at home than ever before, now is a perfect time to complete these courses and learn vital lifesaving skills. The courses will also help to ensure that organisations do not return to work with a backlog of staff needing to update their qualifications.

  1. Book into a course at
  2. Complete the online learning and theory exam;
  3. Watch the practical assessment videos;
  4. Film yourself completing the practical assessments (using the equipment delivered);
  5. Submit your assessment evidence to LSV.

Conflict Management

Developed by the team at Royal Life Saving Society Australia (RLSSA), the new and comprehensive Conflict Management online training course was specifically designed for the aquatics industry.

The training focuses on effective communication techniques, managing challenging situations and customer service. This learning uses a scenario based approach to provide essential skills that are relevant to pool lifeguards within aquatic facilities with knowledge that can be applied to a range of roles.

The course is fully online and can be completed at your own pace and convenience. It will take approximately 30 to 60 minutes to complete and costs just $25.

The course can be booked into by industry personnel individually or coordinated by aquatic facility operates for their staff cohort.

For further information please contact, 03 9676 6950 or visit

Cultural Competence

Made available thanks to the support of the team at Royal Life Saving New South Wales, the RLSSA Cultural Competency Training is more important now than ever before.

In an ever increasingly diverse population, this course will provide candidates with valuable knowledge on how increasing organisational diversity makes businesses stronger and more accessible whilst also raising settlement, social cohesion and safety.

The training is fully online and delivered across 9 short sharp modules. As a result, the training can be completed at your own pace and convenience. The training will take between 1.5 to 3 hours to complete and is completely FREE.

This online learning has been funded by the NSW Government. There are a restricted number of licences available for release.

Where 75% of an aquatic facility’s staff have completed the training, that facility will be deemed a “Culturally Qualified Centre.” LSV will provide marketing material to be used across social media and your website to share with your members and the public.

For further information please contact, 03 9676 6950 or visit

Further Information

  • A 25% course discount has been applied to Lifeguard and Swim Teacher courses until 31st December.
  • Training delivery is based on a comprehensive Risk Assessment across all LSV training activities.
  • A rigid Safety Plan has been developed and will be implemented for all LSV training courses.
  • Neither Trainers nor course candidates will be able to move between Metro and Regional area.

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