The 2020 Youth Innovation Challenge finalists wows leaders in lifesaving

Five impressive youth teams progressed through round one of the 2020 Youth Innovation Challenge to be given the opportunity to present their innovation for lifesaving to a panel of LSV’s volunteer leaders.

  • Team Altona’s Club Exchange Program (CEP)
  • Team Woolamai Beach’s LSV Beach Game (gamification app)
  • Team Port Melbourne – Operation Nippers
  • Team Mornington – Restube
  • Team Anglesea – LSV Member Portal

Each of the teams presentation was up to 10 minutes long, with the panel encouraged to ask the teams how they would market and promote their ideas, any challenges they saw to the feasibility of the project, any feedback from other members in their clubs, how well the project aligned with LSV’s Strategic Plan, education plans within clubs for their ideas, who target audiences are, and whether they believed their innovation was solving a problem or catering for a specific need.

“We were so impressed with their innovative and creative presentations and the way each idea sought to progress the lifesaving movement,” panelist and LSV President Paul James said.

“It’s easy to forget these are youth members – their ideas showed great awareness of our future needs and current challenges.”

Joining Paul James on the panel was Aquatic Sports Director Rachael Rylance, LSVj Advisory Committee Member William Slater, Council of Lifesaving Club’s Director Georgie Wettenhall and Senior Development Programs Coordinator Liam O’Callaghan.

The three teams to go through to the next round are:

Team Altona’s Club Exchange Program (CEP)

The panel commended Team Altona on their “fantastic and comprehensive” presentation, which included a creative video and a clearly articulated case why they believed their innovation would be successful, particularly in retaining and providing further opportunities for U14 members. The idea was for members to participate in an exchange to another club to experience different beach conditions and club atmospheres, to network with other like-minded youth members, to enhance skills and gather a wider understanding of the needs of lifesaving across Victoria.

Team Woolamai Beach’s LSV Beach Game (gamification app)

The panel were “very impressed” by the detailed level of presentation by the youngest team in this year’s challenge. They commended the team on considering partnerships, promotion, marketing, branding and even a mascot for their idea, which aims to expose members to different environments and teach skills in a more innovate and engaging way through a gamification app. Their creative visual aids helped panelists understand what the well-researched innovation idea would achieve and how it aligned to LSV’s gamification goal to reach more youth.

Team Port Melbourne – Operation Nippers

The panel applauded Team Port Melbourne for their “very enthusiastic and polished” pitch, which saw the four team members in uniform with the logo Operations Nippers as their backdrop. They each presented elements of innovation and of why they believed Operation Nippers, a program centred around creating a smooth transition from Nippers to Surf Rescue Certificate (SRC), was needed. The idea includes connecting with mentors and helping to develop fundamental skills before a member finishes their pink Nipper journey, to be confident in the red and yellow on patrol.

Congratulations to the two remaining teams, Team Mornington and Team Anglesea. While they didn’t make it through to the final this year, they also impressed the panelists with their fantastic ideas:

Team Mornington – Restube 

The team of Mornington SLSC sisters created a fantastic bright backdrop for their presentation consisting of images, medals and props to enhance their pitch of a Restube product. Their passionate and comprehensive presentation may not have taken them through to the next round, but it did win them Paul James’ support to purchase the product for further testing and feasibility studies.

Team Anglesea – LSV Member Portal

The Team from Anglesea presented extremely well on their member portal idea, a one-stop-shop to access information ranging from qualifications to Nipper carnivals, patrol details, training and development as well as equipment hire/sales and a club noticeboard. Although they didn’t make it through to the next round, the panel is linking the team up with the LSV IT team to work on what implementations could be made and to educate Team Anglesea members on what LSV is also working on in this space.

The next step for the three successful youth teams in the 2020 Innovation Challenge is to refine their pitch for an online presentation to the whole of membership.

These videos will be up online and published through LSV’s social media channels on Sunday 9th August, where our members and community will be able to vote on the idea you’d most like to see implements to change the game in lifesaving.

Good luck and well done to all our amazing youth members involved in this year’s Innovation Challenge and their Clubs for all their support

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