Advice for swimming pools

LSV wishes to advise of the following update for swimming pools.

According to ‘The Restricted Activity Directions (No 9) (Directions)’ restrictions currently (posting date 12th June 2020):

  • Indoor and outdoor swimming pools can be opened to a maximum of 20 patrons per separate enclosed space.
  • Allow public swimming pools to re-open, subject to certain restrictions and requirements. For example, the operator of a swimming pool must ensure that  the density, cleaning, signage and record-keeping requirements in the directions are complied with.
  • A maximum of 20 people are allowed in a public swimming pool, with up to three people in each lane of the pool. Up to one person per four square metres is allowed in the non-water parts of the pool facility.
  • These restrictions on numbers do not apply to staff members of the swim facility or any other people reasonably necessary for providing a service at the facility.
  • The directions do not impose any physical distancing requirements on the operation of swimming pool facilities. While there is no formal requirement for people within a swimming pool facility to maintain a distance of 1.5 metres from each other, all peopleshould take reasonable steps to maintain a distance of 1.5 metres from all others (except those people with whom they ordinarily reside).
  • In the case of swimming instructors, they should maintain this distance where possible and when it is safe to do so.
  • The Victorian Government is also advising people to minimise the use of shared equipment, and not to share equipment that touches the face or head (e.g. goggles).

While swimming pools may now operate subject to the restrictions and requirements outlined above:

  • Access to facilities such as communal showers, change-rooms, saunas and spas (except for toilet facilities) is not permitted.
  • Toilets located inside change-rooms can be opened for use of the toilet facilities, however these change-rooms may not be used for getting changed or showering.
  • Although the directions do not restrict the duration of time people can spend at a swimming pool, people are still advised to be cautious and to take actions to stay safe.
  • It is important that all swim centre facilities carefully consider their circumstances and how they can comply with the directions. This includes seeking independent advice if they are concerned that their activities may breach the directions.

You can find more information about the requirements for swimming pools at

LSV FAQs coming soon.



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