Some of Victoria’s best and brightest young lifesaving volunteers have put their hand up to be part of a new and exciting LSV initiative aimed at giving youth members a greater voice in shaping the future of lifesaving.

LSVj, or Life Saving Victoria Junior, provides a platform for young club members aged 13-17 from across the state to have their say and to help to identify and develop new lifesaving programs and events.

The idea for LSVj was formed by a group of junior members, out of the innovation challenge at LSV’s 2019 Youth Symposium last June, when attendees proposed and voted that an LSVj Advisory Committee be established to become a voice for and help recognise the needs of young members.

Eligible club members were encouraged to apply to become an LSVj Club Representative, a role that will see them become a young leader at their Club and also help to identify and present youth members values, ideas and challenges to the  LSVj Advisory Committee.

Young leaders were also invited to apply for a vacant position on the LSVj Advisory Committee itself.

Following the appointments and establishment of the LSVj Club representatives, 10 LSVj Area Representatives will be voted on and selected by their peers to represent broader Area matters and concerns. The committee will meet quarterly to discuss any new ideas and programs,  and to stay informed and up to date with young club member concerns and visions for the future.

LSV Projects Manager Kate McLauchlan said LSVj was a great lifesaving initiative that was put forward by its youth, for its youth.

It provides another pathway to help engage youth members and an additional platform for youth development and leadership,” she said. We called for young, motivated and passionate lifesaving leaders across the state who wanted to make a difference to the future of lifesaving to apply – and we’ve been blown away by the response.. 

“Some 32 young people have applied for the inaugural LSVj positions, which we think is a wonderful start and a good sign of things to come.”

Ms McLauchlan said applicants had already demonstrated exceptional leadership just by putting their hands up and volunteering for LSVj positions.

“LSVj is a completely volunteer-run initiative, one that will enable young members to develop their own skills and knowledge while representing others in their clubs and communities.

“These are outstanding young club members who are giving up their time and energy to help to shape our lifesaving community’s future.”

The initiative has been strongly supported by lifesaving clubs from across the state, with club leaders stepping up to mentor and support these young members.

“Our clubs are great advocates for their junior members and this is a real opportunity for clubs to identify and foster talent from within their membership,” said Ms McLauchlan.

One young member who was instrumental in the formation of LSVj and appeared in the LSVj promotional video, Jaylyn Clarke-Kemp from Chelsea Longbeach SLSC, said young club members wanted to have more of a say.

“Kids have completely different ideas to adults, which is why LSVj is such a good idea,” she said.

“Kids will finally have the opportunity to share and tell people what they think should happen in lifesaving.”

While applications for current LSVj positions closed on May 15, Ms McLauchlan said there were some great opportunities on the horizon for young club members, including the 2020 Youth Innovation Challenge.

“This year’s challenge will be delivered online and will build on the success of the 2019 Innovation Challenge,” she said.

The 2020 Innovation Challenge is a fun and unique way for young members to stay connected and an opportunity to develop an innovative solution with the aim to change the game for lifesaving.” she said. Youth members will form teams to collaborate, develop and then pitch their idea to a panel via an online platform. 

Team registrations are due on Saturday June 6:

The LSVj Advisory Committee includes:

Reagan Morel, Mornington LSC; Chair

Will Slator, Woolamai Beach SLSC; Secretary

Jaylyn Clarke-Kemp, Chelsea Longbeach SLSC Director of Programs

Mae James, Brighton LSC; Director of Communications

Taylah Lewis, Chelsea Longbeach SLSC; Manager of Area (Central)

MacKenzie Michael, South Melbourne LSC Manager of Area (West)

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