Did you know?

You may be able to conduct your Annual General Meeting (AGM) virtually, i.e. by teleconference or video conference, rather physically ‘in-person’?

Each organisation’s constitution will specify the requirements of this (e.g. via an express technology clause, or in clause saying something like ‘a meeting can be held by any available technology, provided participant can hear and be heard’).

If your constitution is silent on this, for incorporated associations in Victoria, the Associations Incorporation Reform Act 2012 (Vic) also provides for this.

Importantly, an organisation generally is required to hold its AGM once a year, and within the time frame as specified in its constitution. With most organisations having a 30 June end of financial year, AGM planning should be occurring shortly (e.g. picking dates, preparing and sending out notices to meet constitutional time frames, etc).

For those who have traditionally held ‘in-person’ AGMs, holding an ‘in-person’ AGM this year are not advised given the current government requirements for social distancing, and attendance by high-risk members.

Accordingly, and ahead of the peak AGM season for the majority of our 57 life saving clubs, LSV has released some practical guidance on AGMs, and tips for chairing virtual meetings. These are available here:


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