Ongoing LSV Products and Services

The coronavirus (COVID-19) has severely impacted many industries, including the aquatics, recreation and leisure industries. From a risk management perspective, this event could be considered a ‘black swan’. The event scale was largely unforeseen, and the impact is extremely significant. This pandemic not only threatens the immediate physical and mental health of individuals, but there are inherent consequences for the wider community and sector economies.

Once the situation ends it will enable individuals, communities, local and wider sector economies to resume the pursuit of health and operational goals. While LSV will be fully supporting facility and venue operators and land managers to recommence operation once permitted, we have capacity now to help prepare for the commencement of activities in the meanwhile.

Given that standard risk definitions include maximising opportunity from uncertainty, the current social distancing and non-essential service closure, provides facilities and venues, recreational reserves and other land managers opportunity to review risk management plans, safety policies and procedures. While face-to-face activities and services are temporarily halted, numerous risk management consultancy services and products are still being offered. Services include:

  • Desktop safety assessments for aquatic facilities, coastal and inland infrastructure design and maintenance needs and urban wetland designs
  • Signage assessments for aquatic centres, open waterways (lakes, rivers and beaches) and for commercial premises such as hotels, body corporates etc. This service is subject to building accessibility
  • General risk management consultancy services that are scalable depending on client needs. This means risk management advice can be provided for whole venues, facility, reserves and beach or can just be for areas of concern
  • Monitoring and evaluation of risk management plans. We can help design or review your ongoing risk management plan to help track and assess the outcomes of your plan.
  • Research services to determine the economic and/or social impact of COVID 19 on your organisation

Other risk assessment products and services may be deliverable depending on public health rules and policies in place at the time of assessment.

The appropriate LSV contacts to discuss your risk management needs are:

LSV is also working alongside other state and national bodies to encourage necessary measures to ensure the industry workforce has support, flexibility and opportunities during this period and into the future. These provisions include:

  • Fast-tracking online learning resources in partnership with Royal Life Saving / Surf Life Saving;
  • Reviewing redeployment opportunities with State Government for Industry personnel;
  • Providing a 25% discount on all new aquatic facility safety assessment services;
  • Encouraging industry bodies / national regulators to extend out qualification expiry periods;
  • Supporting the Royal Life Saving position for aquatic industry value, importance and support at a Federal level;
  • Providing current information and advice on a dedicated health alerts page; and
  • Initiating three industry task forces to review i) reciprocal access, ii) joint procurement and iii) rejuvenating regional public pools opportunities.

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