Industry Updates

Budget Time

With summer winding down organisations are looking to the end of financial year and towards the next financial year’s budgets. At this juncture, it is vital that those responsible for budgeting for their aquatic facilities ensure they put aside budget for important recurrent safety items such as:

  • Pool Safety Assessments
  • Mystery Guest Visits
  • Watch Around Water

And that new safety initiatives are budgeted for:

  • SwimSafe accreditation
  • Supervision Plan Audit (Supervision Assessment)
  • Emergency Planning
  • Safety Workshops

In particular, facilities that are overdue for Pool Safety Assessments should consider that next financial year is the last year to achieve compliance with the Safer Public Pools Code of Practice.

A completed Assessment will result in a swimming pool owner / operator being provided with results and/or scores which will be a direct reflection of the level of safety demonstrated during the Assessment and more broadly an indication of the level of compliance against the applicable regulation, standards and industry guidelines. Information on whether a facility has been assessed or not will be displayed as a component of the register

Assessment Frequency
Swimming pools are recommended to undertake Assessments on a regular and systematic basis. The appropriate frequency should consider risk exposure (attendance numbers), with minimum provisions suggested below:
• Over 100,000 patron visits per year – Assessment every year
• 20,000 to 100,000 patron visits per year – Assessment every two years
• Under 20,000 patron visits per year – Assessment every three years

Platinum Pool Program

LSV would like to congratulate and acknowledge Werribee Outdoor Pool (Western Leisure Services) as the newest member of the Platinum Pool Program.

The receipt of Platinum Pool accreditation is recognised as a sign of excellence within the Industry. For more information go to:

LSV would like to thank Aflex Technology for their generous support of the Platinum Pool Program.

Workshops / Events

Session: Innovate and Adapt

Keynote Speaker: Greg Harbidge – Rhythm Effect Founder, Melbourne Business School Facilitator 

Date: Thursday 26th March 2020 @ 7.00am (for 7.30am start), LSV HQ
Download Flyer HERE
Session Registration: REGISTER HERE

*Note- LSV are monitoring the Covid-19 situation and the event could be cancelled if the situation escalates further.

Everyday Lifesavers

Let us know if you have any Everyday Lifesavers in your networks or facilities that you work at and ensure that they are properly recognised for their actions.

Everyday Lifesavers are those people whose actions save the life of another. This could include the rescue of a person with a pre-existing medical condition/injury or stopping somebody from getting themselves into a dangerous situation before they require rescuing.

We are proud to support the Everyday Lifesaver campaign within the aquatics industry and are always excited to hear how facility staff and patrons are making a real difference in the community.

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