Zinc makes you think

This summer, Play it Safe by The Water and Life Saving Victoria launched a social media campaign calling on Victorians to Zinc + Think about potential dangers around them before entering the water.

Following the release of the Victorian Drowning Report 2018/19, which highlighted the worst Victorian drowning toll in 20 years, the Zinc + Think campaign targets those who are most at risk to reduce drowning incidents state-wide.

The campaign primarily seeks to inform males, who represented 80 per cent of all drownings in 2018/19, according to the 2018/19 Victorian Drowning Report. The campaign also targets people aged between 45 and 64, as well as those 65 years and older. Drowning incidents involving individuals from those groups increased 51 per cent and 71 per cent compared to the 10-year average these age groups also had the two highest drowning rates of any age groups.

Funded by the Play it Safe by the Water (PISBTW) campaign, a Victorian Government initiative, Zinc + Think uses a range of images and themes to encourage the viewer to consider the potential dangers associated with their aquatic environment. Similarly, the campaign encourages people to consider their own ability in the water, as well as the current weather conditions, during the few minutes they apply sun protection.

The campaign seeks to target a diverse range of individuals and activities undertaken by people during the summer months, including fishing, kiteboarding and surfing, amongst many others.

As the Victorian community nears the end of the summer period, the campaign has reached over 25,000 people since its inception, and will run until mid-autumn. The campaign’s hero post, depicting a young woman preparing for surfing in coastal waters, has been a significant highlight, reaching over 6,000 people.

LSV is looking ahead and will further develop the campaign, as we reach target audiences and demographics through the use of more images in secondary locations. Keep an eye out for the continuation of the Zinc + Think campaign on LSV’s social media channels, and share the message to think about the potential dangers in and around water while you’re applying zinc.



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