Did you know …

That the Life Saving Victoria’s (LSV) Grievance & Judiciary Committee is made up entirely of volunteer members?

With LSV eclipsing more than 36,000 volunteer members in the 2019-20 season, it is inevitable that member to member, member protection issues and grievances will arise.

In the half year between 1 July 2019 and 31 December 2019, 31 different member protection matters were formally received, escalated to and managed by LSV Member Protection. This does not include matters handled by each of our 57 clubs.

These matters relate to a broad range of issues, ranging from breaches of LSV’s Values and Code of Conduct, to inappropriate use of social media, to matters requiring referral to external agencies.

To ensure that member protection matters are dealt with in a fair, timely and proper manner, LSV has established a number of governance processes and procedures.

This includes:

  • Dedicated Member Protection Officers (MPOs) for each of our 57 clubs, who are provided with training and are the first point of contact for member protection matters.
  • A dedicated LSV Complaints Handling Co-ordinator, who assists clubs, works closely with the LSV Grievance & Judiciary Committee, and triages matters when they are received by LSV.
  • The LSV Complaints Handling Co-ordinator reports to a member of the Executive Management Team, who works closely with clubs, volunteers, staff, committees, each council and the Board on broader strategic issues to drive preventative initiatives and address broader trends.
  • A total of five councils, constituted entirely of volunteer members, who each look after a relevant discipline of lifesaving. Councils assist on determining the outcome of specific matters within their discipline (e.g. operations, aquatic sports, etc).
  • A dedicated LSV Grievance & Judiciary Committee, made up of nine volunteer members who aim to represent the breadth and depth of diversity and experience within the LSV membership base, and who determines the outcome of disciplinary issues escalated to it.
  • A volunteer member board, who oversees the member protection framework.


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