National Aquatic Industry Workforce Profile Released

Royal Life Saving Society Australia has released the National Aquatic Industry Workforce profile based on data collected and collated from the National Aquatic Industry Workforce Survey. It captures a current snapshot of the aquatic industry across Australia and presents demographic information on the key roles and make-up of the workforce that supports that industry.

‘Aquatic industry’ is defined as all workers who work for, or provides aquatic-related services to, an organisation/body that is involved in the facilitation of water-based activities and programs in aquatic facilities. This also includes self employed workers. The Survey and Profile focuses on paid workers only. Overall, Royal Life Saving estimates that the Aquatic Industry workforce comprises approximately 67,000 workers. The process undertaken and the range of data sources used to estimate this figure is described in the Methods section of this document. This Profile forms one component of the National Aquatic Industry Workforce Development Project which is being managed by Royal Life Saving on behalf of the National Aquatic Industry Safety Committee (NAISC).

The key objectives of the Project are to:

  • Achieve and share a greater insight and understanding of the aquatic industry workforce
  • Build the capacity and capability of the aquatic industry workforce
  • Support the development of a strong, sustainable and responsive aquatic industry

The next stage of the Project involves analysing data from the second half of the survey, which focussed on worker’s experiences, attitudes and judgements on key work-related items such as on-boarding and off-boarding, skills requirements, training and professional development, change, and workplace culture and values. This data, alongside information gathered from focus group sessions and one-on-one interviews with industry representatives, will inform the design of a Workforce Development Plan.


  • It is an overwhelmingly female workforce
  • Almost half the workforce work casually
  • Most workers work throughout the year but in a part-time capacity
  • Many workers have a second job at least some of the time
  • Almost half the workforce live within 15 minutes of their workplace
  • 2 in every 5 workers think they will stay in their role for 6 or more years
  • Most workers place a high value on working in a team and knowing their work has a positive impact on people’s lives
  • There are differing key trends across the range of aquatic industry roles

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