LSV Host 2019 Pool Safety Summit

On October 18th, LSV hosted the eighth annual Pool Safety Summit. With 200 members of the Aquatics and Recreation Industry in attendance, the Summit was intended to review, discuss and plan the future of public pools and aquatic safety and address a selection of current industry challenges.

Expert industry speakers from across the country presented on a range of key topics in an informative and progressive format. Taking an all of Industry approach, topics included:

  • The soon to be released Public Health and Wellbeing Regulations 2019
  • OHS management systems (ISO 45001) application
  • NSW Coronial inquest into the drowning of a young boy in a public pool
  • Vulnerable swimmers research project leading to the launch of SwimSafe – a safety campaign targeting vulnerable swimmers
  • Emergency planning training
  • CALD recruitment and engagement

Three key announcements were made at the summit:

  1. The 2018-19 LSV ARV State of Sector Report was released. Report here
  2. The SwimSafe Campaign was launched to industry! Order form here
  3. Watch Around Water online learning now available. See the FREE parents module here

In addition, industry awards were presented to the staff at Ascot Vale Leisure Centre and Lifeguards on an LSV training course, who successfully resuscitated fellow Lifeguard Trevor Mildenhall, after he suffered a heart attack.

  • Harrison Tanner (Pool Lifeguard – AVLC – Belgravia Leisure)
  • Andrew Antic (Pool Lifeguard – AVLC – Belgravia Leisure)
  • Jayk Burgess (Duty Manager – AVLC – Belgravia Leisure)
  • Erith Nash (Duty Manager – AVLC – Belgravia Leisure)
  • Luke Vesnaver (Exercise Physiologist – AVLC – Belgravia Leisure)
  • Bradley Norton (PLG Course Candidate – YMCA Vic)
  • Robin Sadler (PLG Course Candidate – YMCA Vic)
  • Stewart Nicoll (LSV Pool Lifeguard Trainer)

Presentations are available to view at

This year’s summit was made possible by the generous support of the summit’s sponsors: Cleaning Melbourne, Commercial Aquatics Australia and Waterlily Australia/Lovibond.



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