New SwimSafe public pool safety campaign to launch during Water Safety Week

As part of Water Safety Week 1-7 December 2019, Life Saving Victoria will be launching the new SwimSafe public pool education campaign. 

The campaign involves communicating key messages to potential vulnerable facility users –  including people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, people with pre-existing medical conditions or disabilities and those that don’t swim often – about the risks associated with pool environments, by encouraging them to follow the ‘5-tips’ and ask staff about where and how to SwimSafe.

It was born out of coronial recommendations and following several years of research, will be launching in time for the summer season. 

Research conducted as part of initial campaign trials has proven the approach to be effective in communicating key safety messages to adult vulnerable swimmers. 

The research also found the program to be effective in educating both staff and patrons about the vulnerabilities of weak and non-swimmers.  

LSV Manager – Pool Safety, RJ Houston say that SwimSafe is a key step towards making public pools safer for vulnerable swimmers, as well a those that staff may not have been able to identify as higher risk, by equipping them to deliver key safety messages in a non-confronting way

“Drowning research highlights the need to better engage with CALD communities, those with pre-existing medical conditions and those with disabilities, to  ensure every visit to a public pool is a safe and enjoyable,” he said.

SwimSafe delivers an evidence-based solution to the industry and local communities.”

The campaign is similar to the highly successful Watch Around Water program and is now taking registrations from Victorian facilities. Registration will provide facilities with a range of resources including display materials, online resources, training resources and an initial face-to-face training session.

The four key components of the campaign include: 

  • Display and communication of SwimSafe campaign resources. 
  • Identification of vulnerable patrons. 
  • Communication of the ‘5-tips’. 
  • Staff training on water safety, including multicultural and disability awareness. 

To register your facility for SwimSafe accreditation, please contact the Pool Safety Team on 03 9676 6985 or complete and send this form to

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