Pool Lifeguards save one of their own during a training session

The last thing that was expected during a Pool Lifeguard Update course was a real-life scenario but this is exactly what confronted the Course Trainer, course participants and aquatic centre staff when one of their own was suddenly fighting for life. 

Following 200m timed swim during a pool lifeguard update training course at Ascot Value Leisure Centre in early OctoberTrevor Mildenhall – an experienced Pool Lifeguard and course participant himself – collapsed on the side of the pool and stopped breathing. 

Thanks to the quick actions of his colleagues to perform CPR and start defibrillationMr Mildenhall is expected to make a full recovery. 

Course Trainer Stewart Nicoll and course participants Brad Norton and Robin Sadler were first to respond with Ascot Vale staff quickly arriving with oxygen and a defibrillator 

 The team that helped save Mr Mildenhall also included Pool Lifeguards Harrison Tanner and Andrew Antic, Duty Managers Erith Nash and Jayk BurgessExercise Physiologist Luke Vesnaver, and a member of the public who was a Cardiac Nurse. 

“I can remember finishing a swim that was a part of the lifeguard update course that I was doing. The last thing I remember was getting out of the waterafter that, I remember waking up in the hospital bed,” said Mr Mildenhall. 

 “I was in the cardiac care unit at the Royal Melbourne Hospital, and the staff all suggested that it was such a severe event and I certainly wouldn’t have been so lucky if I wasn’t near such support.” 

 Although you’re well trained … it can be a very confronting thing (doing CPR). 

“They’ve done an excellent job and are obviously very well trained.” 

While Mr Mildenhall continues his recovery, his wife attended Ascot Vale to pass on her thanks (along with the thanks of Trevor) to the facility staff.  

 Belgravia Leisure, YMCA Victoria and LSV have each taken steps to offer support services to the facility staff as well as the candidates on the course.  

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