Participants wanted for pool lifeguard scanning research

Life Saving Victoria and Swinburne University are inviting pool lifeguards aged 18 years and older to participate in a research study that will investigate pool lifeguard visual scanning techniques.

The research will involve the use of virtual reality 360 degree videos, displayed on a head-mounted display (virtual reality technology), to simulate the pool environment in order to record lifeguards’ observations.

Evidence from the research will be used to provide recommendations for the aquatic industry to maximise safety.

Participation in the study is expected to take around one hour, and during this time, participants will be instructed to watch a series of videos using a virtual reality headset.

The 360 videos will include different scenarios of swimmers at a public swimming pool, and while watching the videos, participants will be asked to describe what they see in the pool and anyone in the pool that could be at risk of drowning.

If you are a qualified lifeguard with experience working at a public swimming pool and are interested in participating, please contact

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