Summer’s around the corner, are you GSPO Supervision fit?

Facilities need to move quickly to book their 2019-20 Pool Safety Assessment.

From 1st September 2019, the revised Supervision Section of the RLSSA Guidelines for Safe Pool Operation (GSPO) became effective across Victorian aquatic facilities.

The 2019-20 Pool Safety Assessment has been re-written and tailored to the new GSPOs and provides a high-level overview of all safety systems within the facility. There are only a handful more spots available for Pool Safety Assessments this summer, so move quickly to book your facility’s assessments by contacting us at or 03 9767 6985

“Early data from LSV’s State of Sector Report is showing that Pools are getting safer with a 6% increase in compliance and a 4% increase in safety since last year; however, 38% of Council owned pools have not had an assessment within the last three years, which is a significant concern.,” says Manager- Pool Safety RJ Houston. “Secondly, due to the complexity and importance of providing appropriate levels of supervision at public pools and the level of detail in the new Supervision Section [of the GSPO] LSV have introduced a new and highly detailed Supervision Assessment to support facilities with their compliance and safety and identify areas for improvement.”

The New Supervision Assessment will review a facility’s Supervision Risk Assessment and Lifeguard Deployment / Supervision Plan against the provisions set out in the GSPO. Once complete, practical feedback and advice is provided to facilities regarding their compliance with the guidelines, but more importantly whether they are providing a safe environment for customers and staff.

Service cost (incl GST):

Council Owned public pools – $1500

Learn to Swim and Body Corporate pools – $1500

Early childhood care, School and Higher education pools  – $1500

Hotel, Motel, Camping and Caravan ground pools – $1500

Sports venues, Resorts and Club pools  – $1500

LSV are pleased to partner with City of Melbourne and City of Yarra for the development of the Supervision Assessment.

LSV recommend that facilities adopt supervision assessments into the evaluation and/or monitor/review stage of their supervision delivery as part of the wider risk management system including annual Pool Safety Assessments and routine Mystery Guest Visits. For more information, refer: or contact

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