Lifesaving Capability and Resourcing Review Launched

The Life Saving Victoria (LSV) board determined that a wide-ranging review of lifesaving capability and resourcing was required.

“Since the establishment of LSV in 2002 – through the merger of the Royal Life Saving Society Australia Victoria Branch (est. 1904) and Surf Life Saving Victoria (est. 1947) – there has been significant change across the community, government and volunteering landscape in Victoria,” says Nigel Taylor – LSV CEO.

“In that time, there has been no associated review to determine how LSV fits within this changing landscape from an overarching lifesaving perspective.”

“Therefore, the Risk and Research Services team at LSV has been commissioned to lead a review into lifesaving capability and resourcing.”

The review will address three key areas:

  1. Community and government expectations and opportunities for lifesaving services
  2. Volunteer membership engagement and sustainability in lifesaving services
  3. Operational challenges and opportunities in lifesaving services

The proposed objectives of the review are:

  1. To determine the lifesaving services that the community and government expects LSV to provide, as well as where and when.
  2. To determine any differences between community and government expectations and existing lifesaving service delivery.
  3. To determine what our volunteer members want to do, where and when.
  4. To determine the demographic characteristics of our volunteer members.
  5. To determine how we retain and upskill our current members and attract new members.
  6. To determine any opportunities for lifesaving service delivery based on organisational capability and positioning.

Review recommendations will be made across a number of areas, including (but not limited to):

  • How we address any identified gaps in service provision.
  • Any operational areas that require further in-depth review.

“Stakeholder representatives, community organisations and businesses, club presidents and members will be invited participate in the review in a number of ways including online surveys, one-on-one interviews and focus groups,” says Mr Taylor.

“By taking part in the review, participants have and will continue to help Life Saving Victoria to understand how lifesaving provisions will be delivered into the future.”

The Lifesaving Victoria Risk and Research team is managing the project and will be in contact with members in the coming weeks with further details aiming to collect input from across the lifesaving membership base.

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