Assessment Updates

Mystery Guest Visit Update 

In line with the updates to Aquatic Supervision in the Guidelines for Safe Pool Operations in consultation with the Platinum Pool Steering Committee, LSV are updating the offering and question set for the Mystery Guest Visit program.

The assessment has been split into three sections: 

  1. Deployment Planning / Management Planning; 
  2. Lifeguard Implementation / Performance; and, 
  3. Supervision Best Practice. 

Scoring comparisons have been re-introduced following industry feedback to assist with demonstrating on-going continual improvement and to assist with understanding any trend lines in the delivery of aquatic supervision at the facility. 

For facility owners / operators, it is inherently fraught with difficulty determining in a legally defensible way whether effective supervision is provided in their facility under their watch, due to the inherent conflicts of interest that exist and the requirements of the Evidence Act to provide only expert evidence.

LSV are able to assist owners / operators of aquatic facilities by providing expert, independent and technical analysis of your facility’s delivery of aquatic supervision as measured against the objective standards of i) the Guidelines for Safe Pool Operations, ii) the Lifeguard Award and Skillset and iii) the Royal Life Saving Lifeguarding Manual.  

LSV assessors are nationally recognised qualified assessors and / or auditors who are technical experts specifically in the fields of aquatic supervision and pool safety. 

Pool Safety Assessment Update 

Similar to the Mystery Guest Visit (above), LSV are updating the offering and question set for the Pool Safety Assessment. 

The areas where significant updates are occurring are in Section 5: Aquatic Supervision and in parts of other sections where supervision considerations form part of the broader applicable considerations for that section (for example: Section 17: Inflatables).

Noting that the Pool Register is now live and that regular Pool Safety Assessments are a code of practice requirement, LSV would like to thank the 200 facilities that underwent an assessment last year and the 63 facilities who received a safety endorsement.  

Every facility can and should achieve bronze, work towards silver and strive for gold when it comes to safety endorsements from Life Saving Victoria.  

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