National Volunteer Week: LSV says thank you

Meet David Richardson from Surf Life Saving Lakes Entrance (SLSLE).

David has completed 132.50 hours of volunteer service over the 2018/19 season, and is honoured to be the oldest lifesaver to reach 100 hours at his club this season.

SLSLE provides David with an avenue for fitness, learning, friendships and helping people. David says that it is fun and motivates him through volunteering, helping people and his community.

Initially, David became involved with SLSLE through the need to teach their young children about water safety as they lived close to the beach. David became involved with the nippers program as a result of his children’s involvement, and remains passionate and dedicated to this day.


David notes his favourite memory of his time with SLSLE was when he met Mounic Kadakia from the Rootjiv Kadakia Foundation. Rootjiv tragically drowned at Lake Tyers Beach ten years ago. His brother Mounic started the foundation to promote water safety and rip awareness among tourists, migrants and international students.

“I found this very inspirational.”

His goals have been molded by his contribution to SLSLE by educating and guiding the next generation on patrols and beach awareness both within and external to the club. Being a positive role model has always been and remains one of David’s non-negotiables, and hopes that many other members will follow his lead.

The best advice he has been given over the years was from Life Saving Victoria and SLSLE life member, Ian Shepherd.

“Always give back to the club”.

David says SLSLE has given him more than he could ever give back, despite his dedication to trying to bridge that gap.


“Lakes has given me more experiences, enjoyment, mateship, confidence and involvement for myself and my family that I will ever give back.”

LSV would like to say thank you to David for his motivation, passion and dedication to helping our community.


Meet John Nightingale from Edithvale Life Saving Club (ELSC).

John has been part of lifesaving since his children joined nippers when they were small, and has reached 106.25 hours this season.

His dedication began as an Age Group Manager which developed into the Age Manager Coordinator. John has continued to crave further challenges and development to help the local community, resulting in him attaining his Bronze medallion, First Aid and Training awards.

“I just want to gain as much experience from lifesaving as possible.”

John recently also progressed from IRB crew to driver, and says it’s a good feeling being able to get to that next level. He relished the time he spent with the Carrum and Cape Patterson LSC teams during the winter months, and can’t go past how valuable the experience was.

John says the best advice he’s been given can be applied in any situation, a phrase he believes he resonates strongly with when it comes to lifesaving.

“Look confident, sound confident, be confident and show no fear.”

LSV would like to say thank you to John for his motivation, passion and dedication to helping our community.

Meet Amy Curnow from Surf Life Saving Lakes Entrance (SLSLE).

Amy has clocked up an incredible 192 hours this past season.

A Bondi Rescue die-hard when she was younger, Amy has always the beach on the brain, in any shape or form. She loves spending time at the beach and the rewarding nature of lifesaving and volunteering with her club.

Amy has come from nippers, completed her Surf Rescue Certificate and is now looking forward to attaining her Bronze medallion later this year. A certain dedicated volunteer to-be, Amy wants to lifeguard in the future and recalls her first rescue as one of her most memorable.

“We rescued two girls and with the help of my Patrol Captain and fellow lifesavers we bought two girls in safe and sound. It was a very hard and confronting time for me and I’ll always remember this day,” Amy says.

“It gave me the confidence to keep learning and furthering my skills.”

Amy wants to spend as much time at the beach and helping her community as she can, knowing that the more effort she puts in now will benefit her in the long-term. She knows there are many ways to give back to her club and contribute to her community, and is willing to make the sacrifices required to further her lifesaving to be able to give back one day.

“I would really like to life guard when I’m older. I really enjoy spending time at the beach and helping my community.”

She feels proud to be part of such a great and supportive club, and says it is a real honour to represent such an important club within the community. Amy enjoys each and every day that she is on patrol and volunteers.

One of her mentors, David Richardson, told her not to be afraid and give it a go – words that have stayed with her and now push her to be better, and ultimately, she hopes will enable her to help the younger lifesavers coming through as well.

“I can use my story to help the younger kids face their fears, they can see how far I have come and I hope that I can pass that confidence on.”

LSV would like to say thank you to Amy for her motivation, passion and dedication to helping our community.

Meet Tyson Brindley from Surf Life Saving Lakes Entrance.

Tyson has accumulated 105 hours of volunteer service this patrol season.

Beginning with nippers five years ago, Tyson has been around his club volunteering and has worked his was through his Surf Rescue Certificate most recently in 2017. He aims to keep progressing through the stages, and achieve his Bronze, Silver and Gold medallions.

Tyson would love to become a paid lifeguard and continue to help his club, beach-goers and spend time with his friends on the beach whilst doing what he loves.

He recalls one time where he was trying to help some people at the beach with a tangled situation, and managed to get stung by the very Bluebottle jellyfish he was trying to help the people with – we’re sure a story that will be told for many years to come!


The greatest advice Tyson has been given was from his father. It reminds him to keep persevering when things get a little tough and that a team effort helps reduce the burden.

“The best advice I got was from my dad. He said ‘try you best and have fun’.”

LSV would like to say thank you to Tyson for his motivation, passion and dedication to helping our community.



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