The Victorian aquatic industry welcomes two new African recruits into it’s ranks, with LSV multicultural ambassadors Abdullahi Mohammed and Nyaduoth Lok gaining employment. 

Somalian-born Abdullahi now works as a lifeguard at Coburg Leisure Centre and educates school children as an LSV Education Instructor. Similarly, Sudanese-born Nyadouth combines pool lifeguarding at Dandenong Oasis Aquatic Centre with her role at LSV. 

“It’s great to see these young role models represent their community and contribute so readily to the wider community,” says LSV’s manager of multicultural projects, David Holland. 

Nyaduoth instructing at a recent CALD Beach Program

“Not only are Nya and Abdullahi ambassadors for other youth from multicultural backgrounds, they are also educating all Victorian children on how to be safe around water. It’s a really positive outcome for everyone,” says David. 

The pair are recent graduates of the LSV Multicultural team’s highly successful CALD youth pathway program, which helps train newly arrived Australians in aquatics, with the goal of attaining employment. 

“The program is now in its eleventh year and has developed organically into quite a sophisticated model. Trainees typically participate in a suite of educational and training activities over a 12-month to two-year period,” says David. 

“We meet most of the young people initially in our beach or classroom education sessions, where they might show an interest in being involved.” 

“From there, most candidates need swimming training for at least two terms before reaching a level where they can then complete both the pool lifeguard and first aid training required to become pool lifeguards.” 

Depending on each individual’s circumstance and goals, they may continue on to swimming teacher training, surf lifesaving awards, or instructor training with the LSV Education team. 

“There is even the opportunity now for the very committed to go on to placements with partnering emergency service organisations,” says David, “which is an exciting new area for the sector.” 

This year, LSV’s Multicultural team will educate over 20,000 Culturally and Linguistically Diverse participants in water safety and swimming skills – the highest number since work began over 10 years ago. 

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