Youth Pathway Cup U14/U15 Teams Announced

Replacing the Southern States, the newly created ‘Youth Pathway Cup’ event is organised by SLSNSW and will run at the end of January with teams from across Australia competing. After the success of the 2018 event, this year will see the expansion of the event to feature six states, providing an opportunity for U14 and U15 members to represent their state.

Teams will be staying as a group at The Sydney Academy of Sport and the athletes to be part of the event are:

U14 Girls
Raani Altamura
Tia McNaughton
Stephanie Reade
Ella Watts
Meg Webster

U14 Boys
Gabriel Cornwell
John Fitzgerald
Ethan Gorringe
Oliver Pfister
Xavier Purcell

U15 Girls
Jasmine Happ
Stephanie Hunter
Piper McNaughton-King
Simone Mooney
Milla O’Brien

U15 Boys
Marcus Bird
Harrison Jones
Ben McConnell
Thomas Regan
Boyd Wieringa

Congratulations on this fantastic achievement and good luck everyone!


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