School Surf League 2019

School Surf League is an exciting event in Life Saving Victoria’s sport calendar. The league is a competition that introduces Secondary School students into surf sports as well as teaches lifesaving related skills. School Surf League provides students with an alternative sporting experience that tests endurance, strength, speed and agility in the most natural sporting arena – the beach.  

The format of the league comprises of activities relating to surf swimming, beach sprints, beach flags and board paddling. It enables students to challenge their abilities against themselves, the environment and students from other schools. 

The aim of School Surf League is to encourage students to join a Life Saving Club, increasing Victorian club- patrolling and competition team members, whilst also providing the opportunities for schools to align and develop partnerships with a Life Saving Club.  

Two school Surf League carnivals will be held in 2019, the first being on Wednesday 27 February at Mordialloc Life Saving Club and the second on Friday 1 March at Torquay Front Beach (Cosy Corner).  


  • The competition is open to all Victorian Secondary Schools 
  • Each school can enter students from Years 7-12 (including any combination of year levels and boys/girls) 
  • There is no restriction on the number of students each school can enter 

Further Information 

For further information or to register your interest please contact the Aquatic Sports department on  03 9676 6937 or at 



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