Nippers Program Near You

Do your students live or holiday near the beach? The Nipper education program could be a great after-school, weekend or school holiday activity.

Nippers is a national education program teaching children basic lifesaving skills through safe, fun and organised activities; could be for them. 

“As well as preparing children to be future lifesavers, Nippers is also a great way for children to make friends, be active and enjoy the beach in a safe environment,” says Membership and Leadership Development Coordinator, Shelley Snow. 

The programs are run through local life saving clubs affiliated with Life Saving Victoria (LSV), and offer inclusive environments that are a wonderful setting for open water education and youth development. 

Nippers runs for age ranges 5 – 14 children and the programs provide a pathway to the many development camps on offer through LSV. 

To find out about your closest Nippers program including club open days, program dates and joining a club, please click here.

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