Record Number of Participants Attend Advanced Lifesaving Camp

A record number of participants recently took part in the annual Advanced Lifesaving Camp, LSV’s most popular career and professional development opportunity.

To mentor the group, LSV enlisted ten highly accomplished lifesavers for the camp, an experiential learning program producing advanced lifesavers.

“Having such a strong team of camp leaders and mentors – who are all very high achievers in their fields – meant participants could learn from their extensive experience, rather than having to always learn the hard way through trial and error themselves,” says LSV’s Operations Manager, Greg Scott.

The 2018 Advanced Lifesaving Camp sold out in a few days and had the biggest turnout of candidates at 59, with outstanding feedback received on the learning-rich camp environment.

While the camp is for all members, it does not focus on teaching basic knowledge or awards, with the only qualifications available in the week-long camp being the Gold Medallion and Silver Medallion Beach Management awards.

To participant in the camp, all attendees must have obtained the four pre-requisite awards: Bronze Medallion, First Aid, Advanced Resuscitation Techniques and Spinal Management, as well as the necessary physical skills to perform the training scenarios.

“The focus of the camp is on how the participants take the skills and knowledge acquired through their awards and apply them in a practical sense to their lifesaving,” says Greg. “It’s very hard work and people do need to turn up with a degree of fitness and surf skills, but having the right attitude is equally important.”

Around 30% of campers were female and the sessions included a mix of theory and interactive classroom sessions, with guest speakers encouraging participants to challenge what they’ve been taught and introduce lateral thinking, alongside the practical elements.

The Advanced Lifesaving Camp is run thanks to funding from the state government through its Valuing Volunteers Program (VVP).

Participant Comments:

“It was such a rewarding and valuable experience and provided me with so many role models and examples of competent and experienced lifeguards, who mentored and inspired me throughout the camp.”

“I really enjoyed the camp and thought it was a great experience, I can only really say positive things about it. All the sessions covered areas and topics I would never even think I needed more knowledge on, and then during these sessions, I realised there were so many gaps in my knowledge. Overall, this camp boosted my confidence and belief that I’m able to assist in situations and that I have the knowledge to do so.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed my experience on the camp and would definitely recommend it. The leaders pushed us out of our comfort zone, however they supported us. Thanks for a great camp.”

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