PD for Swimming Teachers

Our industry is always evolving, from the technology used for enrollment, payments and reporting, to the stroke technique taught as we gain more understanding of the human body and how muscles work. It is vital our staff are trained to progress with these changes and modifications, to re-direct operations towards progressive and profitable outcomes.

Benefits to staff training include;

  • Keeping up with industry changes, including safety, policies and procedures
  • Maintaining knowledge and skills, particularly when they are not used on a regular basis
  • Job satisfaction, progressive career path development
  • Encourages team work with the opportunity to collaborate and share knowledge
  • Creating consistency and uniform procedures and expectations leading to an improved level of performance and contributing to organisations success
  • Identifying gaps in skills across staff, creating the opportunity to train staff further to fulfil the role efficiently

Things to consider when planning staff training;

  • Pre-plan staff training dates to ensure optimum attendance
  • Train at regular intervals to ensure consistency and expectation
  • Content: Find out what relevant skills staff need to refine, as well new skills they wish to achieve
  • The type of delivery: one on one vs group, theory vs practical
  • The person or organisation delivering the training, keep it engaging

Life Saving Victoria provide many types of recognised and accredited Staff training, including Swim Instructor Aquatic PD workshops, for more information you can contact our team aquatic.education@lsv.com.au


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