Female Leadership Network holds first 2018 session

The first Female Leadership Network (FLN) event for 2018 took place on May 30 and highlights included guest speaker Sue Barrett, who explored the concept of “personal brand” and an introduction of the new FLN panel.

Sue is the founder and CEO of the innovative, forward-thinking and pre-eminent sales advisory and education firm, Barrett, and the online sales education and resource business www.salesessentials.com.

General Manager – People Emma Atkins said Sue delivered a powerful and insightful session on the importance of personal brand, how to develop it and how to make the most of it to create and achieve your goals.

“Sue took the concept of personal brand to a new level, she challenged everyone to think about their own choices and the impact on others and self,” said Emma. “Her message of do no harm, be helpful and always ethical really resinated with the network.”

Members of the FLN Panel were also introduced to the network. The panel is a subset of the Membership and Leadership Executive with FLN Coordinator Sophie Riddell holding a position on the Executive.

The FLN panel was established as part of the 2017/18 season as a recognition of the important place the FLN holds within the organisation. It was also established because of the growing need to build capacity and to promote and support the activities within the lifesaving membership.

The FLN was established in 2013 and was driven and supported by an inaugural project team.

“This group of female ground-breakers drove the FLN for the first four years and were instrumental in its establishment, growth and success, we thank and recognise that group of extraordinary women, including Lauren Chan, Nancey Josephs, Kate Bell and Imogen Dingle,” said Emma. “We now have a strong and relevant network now due to their leadership, contribution and support.”

The FLN Panel is led by FLN Coordinator Sophie Riddell (Portsea SLSC) and includes:

  • Inclusion and Diversity Coordinator, Jessamy Blair (Woodside SLSC)
  • Industry Coordinator, Elena Parker (Williamstown, SLSC)
  • Member Pathway Coordinator, Laura Buckley (Fairhaven, SLSC)

Emma added that the FLN continues to grow and provide to Victoria’s lifesaving community through keynote sessions, networking events, member training and professional development opportunities.

“This was the 22nd session of FLN since it began in 2013, and having Sue present and engage with our members was a great way to not only kick off our events for 2018, but to build on the success of our events from the past,” said Emma.

The FLN’s objectives for 2018 remain the same, and the aim is to continue to educate and challenge females and male champions of change in the areas of personal and professional development, as well as explore the concept of unconscious bias and to assist members of the LSV community to develop inclusion action plans within their clubs.

There are four FLN events planned for 2018, plus a board-ready business boot camp. The next session is scheduled for August. To find out more about FLN, please visit: http://lsv.com.au/clubs-members/leadership/female-leadership-network/

Not a member of FLN? Please click here to join the Female Leadership Network and receive updates on new opportunities: https://lifesavingvictoria.wufoo.com/forms/lsv-female-leadership-network-registration/



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