LSV Welcomes Water Safety Funding Boost from State Government Budget

LSV welcomes the Victorian Budget 2018/19 announcements of funding support for water safety initiatives – a much-needed investment in drowning prevention for the State.

Announced in this Budget, the State Government will provide $11.5M to LSV for upgrades at lifesaving clubs, including Bonbeach LSC and Black Rock LSC.

This investment will help further develop lifesaving activities, including education and active training, as well as provide a safe place for the community to come together for increased well-being and a sense of belonging.

The State Government will also invest $8.3M in public water safety programs to make sure more Victorians know how to swim and stay safe in the water, helping to reduce the drowning toll, which has been steadily rising over the last three years. This figure also includes increased support for lifesaving services.

The iconic coastal Nippers program will be modified to enable young people from inland regional towns and cities to benefit, with the potential for Nippers to be run at public swimming pools, lakes and rivers. This will help spread foundation lifesaving education, health, fun and well-being benefits into new locations around the state and increase the reach of the successful program.

There will also be more support for school swimming and water safety programs, with teaching resources to be developed, and training and accreditation programs for teachers and staff in the aquatic industry.

In addition to the funding mentioned above, there will be more support in the Budget for swimming and water safety lessons in primary schools, as well as a continuation of funding the state-wide volunteer support package, which provides training and development grants for volunteers in emergency services organisations.

Alongside these announcements, LSV welcomes initiatives in the Budget that enable the community to enjoy more Victorian waterways. These initiatives include new and upgraded jetties, piers, pontoons, boat ramps, as well as future master plans to improve access to waterways. The community will also benefit from the Growing Suburbs Fund to help boost the number of swimming pools, delivered in Melbourne’s interface councils.

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