LSV Training in Your School

Have you ever wanted to host LSV Training as part of your school curriculum but found it difficult to schedule an incursion that involves so many dates and times across multiple terms? Have you found that accredited training is outside of your budget for students? Have you ever wished you could train the course yourself and still provide students with a recognised Award that they could use as a stepping stone into the Aquatics Industry?

The great news is that LSV have considered the challenges schools face and offered two programs that open Award opportunities with flexible delivery and reduced fees by empowering schools to deliver directly. These fantastic educational programs are outlined below which one of these best fits your school?

  • My school has a number of teachers who hold the current Certificate IV in Training and Assessment and we are keen to provide accredited training in Water Safety and First Aid with our teachers and students.

It sounds like your school could be the perfect candidate to become a Third Party Training Provider. A third party provider agreement is a unique training partnership between the school and Life Saving Victoria (LSV), which allows your school to deliver agreed components of accredited training without the hassle or expense of becoming a registered training organisation.

While you provide the staff to deliver the course, equipment, facilities we will provide the resources, infrastructure, expertise and position of LSV as a registered training organisation (RTO number 21799).

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  • My school has a number of teachers who hold a degree in Education and while we can’t deliver VET Training we are still keen to deliver non-accredited LSV Awards.

It sounds like your school is well fitted to become a valued Service Member so that you can deliver non-accredited training to your students in water safety, resuscitation and first aid skills on behalf of LSV.

While you provide the staff to deliver the course, equipment and facilities we will provide the resources, infrastructure and expertise. Prepare your students so that they achieve recognised skills and knowledge in basic water rescue. Provide your students with education so that they can use as a stepping stone into a future Pool Lifeguarding course.

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