Existing Safety Strategies for Higher Risk Users

Most people within the Industry are aware of the high-risk user groups which frequent Victoria’s public pools including young children, older adults, risk taking teens and multicultural communities. The reasons for the higher level of risk are relatively well known and a range of strategies to increase participations and improve safety are already in place.

Below is an introduction to two of these strategies, which have proven successful as they continue to target the two fastest growing higher risk groups which are older adults and multicultural communities.

Grey Medallion

The Grey Medallion program is a water safety and lifesaving skills initiative for older adults. It aims to encourage a healthy, independent and active lifestyle through the development of essential skills to participate in aquatic recreation activities safely.

This practical program provides older adults with personal survival techniques, improved swimming skills, skills to deal with emergency situations and a thorough understanding of water safety knowledge to reduce the likelihood of drowning.

To enquire about running the Grey Medallion at your facility call 03 9676 6940, email education@lsv.com.au or visit www.lsv.com.au/education/grey-medallion/

Multicultural Projects

LSV’s Multicultural Projects department provides water safety education to Victoria’s varied Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) population, through practical and theoretical education programs.

These programs can be delivered to a wide variety of groups, including: newly arrived refugees, asylum seekers, migrants, and international students, with the vision that all Victorians are taught crucial water safety knowledge and skills. All programs are tailored to suit participants with low level English and/or limited swimming ability. Current programs include;

  • Meet a Lifeguard
  • Resuscitate a Mate
  • Beach safety programs
  • Seniors’ Water Recreation

In addition, the Department works with a number of organisations and schools to help provide swimming lessons to CALD groups throughout Victoria.

To learn more about how to actively engage your local multicultural communities call 03 9676 6921, email multicultual@lsv.com.au or visit www.lsv.com.au/multicultural/


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