Aquatic Supervision Guidelines Released for Comment

Royal Life Saving for Society – Australia (RLSSA) in conjunction with the member organisations from the National Aquatic Industry Safety Committee (NAISC) have released the draft Aquatic Supervision guidelines for Industry review.

The guidelines include;

  • Supervision Planning
  • Supervision of Aquatic Activity
  • Supervision of Aquatic Users
  • Supervision of Aquatic Environments

GSPO subscribers are invited to review and feedback on the changes via the online portal (link below). All improvement requests will be logged, analysed, considered and discussed by the NAISC before the new Guidelines are released.

The new / revised guidelines impact all areas of aquatic supervision and this is the opportunity for the industry to provide meaningful input and feedback, ensuring the new content is reasonable and practical and reflects the differing needs of Victoria’s aquatic facilities.

The new guidelines will be considered industry best practise once released. Facilities should plan ahead to ensure that they are resourced to understand and implement the content to ensured continued compliance with the guidelines.

The implementation of the guidelines will be considered through the upcoming Victorian ‘Code of Practice’ and will also be incorporated into the Victorian ‘Pool Safety Assessment’ process ensuring a consistent, holistic and encompassing approach within Victoria

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