Important Update on LSV Senior Championships for Sunday 25th March

After a great day of competition on Day One of the LSV Senior State Championships 2018, there’s been a change of program to Day Two for Sunday 25th March after a severe weather warning was issued.

As discussed with team managers this afternoon, the Bureau of Meteorology has issued a severe weather warning for damaging winds for the district in Apollo Bay, with an expected strong cold front across Sunday morning bringing damaging northwesterly winds, 50-60 km/h, peaking at 90-100km/h throughout the day tomorrow.

In light of the warnings, the Safety & Emergency Management committee has decided to revise the program to allow for the maximum amount of events to be run into extra time on Saturday 24th March.

Please see revised program for Saturday 24 March:

  • All U15 water events will be completed on Saturday 24 March, if this is unable to occur, unfortunately these events will be cancelled from Sunday’s program.

Sunday 25 March, 7.45am Marshall, 8.00am Start.
Click here for updated program 

Open Womens Double Ski F
Open 19 Womens Double Ski F
Open Mixed Double Ski F
U19 Mens Double Ski  F
Open Mens Double Ski F
Open Womens Iron F
U17 Rescue Tube Race F
U17 Mens Board Race H & F
Open Mens Board Race H & F
Open Mens Ski F
Open Mens Iron F
Open Mens Taplin F

Beach events (flags & 2km Run)

We anticipate boats to be running, however further discussion will occur with VSRL representatives tomorrow.

PLEASE NOTE – Equipment:
All competitor gear and club tents must be removed from the beach and tied onto club trailers or taken home with them.

PLEASE NOTE – Medal Presentations:
– U15 = 8am
– Women’s (at completion of the women’s program)
– Men’s (at completion of men’s program)

Please talk to your team manager if you need further clarification.


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