Water Smart Award

The Facts:

The Swimming and Water Safety component of the Victorian Curriculum Health and Physical Education requires students to have the opportunity to develop water safety understanding and skills, ensuring personal and group safety when in, on and around water. This area also extends to sun safety, basic first aid and emergency care. There were 45 drowning deaths recorded in Victoria between July 1 2016 to June 31 2017 –  Victorian Drowning Report 16/17. This 2017/18 summer the drowning rate is the highest in over a decade!

How we can help you:

Royal Life Saving’s Water Smart program provides a classroom based resource for teaching these skills; it can also be a great way to complement school swimming programs. The aim is to make all Australian children ‘Water Smart’ ensuring they can actively and safely participate in aquatic activities.


There is no cost to run the program, and all resources are free. The only cost is for the certificates, at the conclusion of your program, at $1 each, ordered through Life Saving Victoria.

What is the Water Smart Award?

The Water smart award consists of 3 modules

  • Water Safety Knowledge
  • Introduction to resuscitation principles
  • Basic reach and throw rescue techniques

Teachers can deliver this program, as there is no pool needed.  Once registered, teachers will have access to quality resources designed to support them in the program delivery.

For more information or to register for our tool kit you can visit our website: www.lsv.com.au/educattion/water-smart-award or email our education team at education@lsv.com.au.

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