WAW Silicone Wristbands now available for purchase

WAW program members now have the option to purchase silicone wristbands.

The wristbands are red and include the WAW logo along with the slogan ‘Your Child, Your Focus’ in yellow writing.

These wristbands come in one size only (child size 180mm) and are for children aged 5-9 years.

The intention of the silicone wristbands is to:

  • Reduce costs in the long run due to the longevity of the band
  • Decrease the amount of wristbands handed out to patrons
  • Decrease the amount of litter associated with disposable wristbands

Ideas for their use:

  • Include in each initial swim school/facility membership pack
  • Give-aways at a facility open day
  • Coincide with the annual Water Safety Week
  • Have a drop off point for the wristbands at the exit of your facility
  • Offer a weekly prize to someone who returns their wristbands at the end of their visit

For further information regarding pricing or to order these silicone wristbands please visit: https://lsv.com.au/pool-safety-services/watch-around-water/

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