Revised Pool Safety Assessment Question Set

The Pool Safety Assessment question set is currently being updated and will be rolled out across all facilities from 1st January 2018. The changes are predominantly the result of the updated Guidelines for Safe Pool Operation (GSPO) which also come into play from January. The revised question set will ensure that the assessment remains Industry best practice and ensures that every single question is reference based.

Once the question set is finalised it will be circulated to all pools that have upcoming safety assessments. It will also be provided at the time of booking to all facilities, along with the ‘cheat sheet’ document which advises facilities of all of the documents which should be prepared and provided for the assessment.

A further change to the assessment process is the introduction of the follow up consultation, which will give all facilities the opportunity to provide evidence of improvements to LSV within 60 days of the assessment which can be incorporated into the final assessment report.

Pool Safety Assessments are designed to provide an overview of facility performance against Industry standards and expectations. The Assessment is tailored to a facility and based on water spaces, aquatic features and the programs on offer.

The output of the process is a ‘safety assessment’ and ‘risk treatment plan’ which provides information on compliance and recommends practical solutions to identified risks.

LSV recommends that facilities use risk exposure (attendance numbers) to determine this frequency.

– Over 100,000 visits per year – Assessment every year
– 20,000 to 100,000 visits per year – Assessment every two years
– Under 20,000 visits per year – Assessment every three years

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