Work has begun on the development of a code of practice for Victorian public pools, led by Life Saving Victoria and made possible thanks to funding from the Victorian Government.

The goal of the code is to reduce fatal and non-fatal drowning and water-related injuries in Victorian public pools by providing a structure of how to manage the industry, in regards to water safety.

“We’re lucky to have an in-house risk and research department led by Dr Bernadette Matthews, who is also on the National Aquatic Industry Standing Committee,” says Andy Dennis, General Manager of Public Training and Pool Safety. “This gives her a birds-eye-view of what other states have tried, as well as knowledge about the progress of the Guidelines for Safer Pool Operations (GSPO).”

In partnership with Emergency Management Victoria, Andy will be presenting to industry on the Code of Practice at the LSV Pool Safety Summit on 13th October.

Areas the code will consider include:

  • recognition of existing guidelines/provisions
  • classification and registration of public pools
  • improved collaboration and communication
  • increased accountability and transparency
  • structured reporting and evaluation

LSV and aquatic industry stakeholders will also endorse the roll out of new Royal Life Saving Society – Australia guidelines and work together to develop and publish a current Victorian Public Pools register.

“We’re not trying to reinvent the wheel, or replace existing provisions,” says Andy. “Instead, we’ll strengthen the industry more broadly through a structured and consistent approach to water safety to positively contribute towards water safety initiatives within the Victorian aquatic industry.”

The project allows for key areas of industry research to be identified, focusing on supervision and water safety, alongside the Code of Practice.

To find out more about LSV’s work in pool safety, visit:

View the Victorian Water Safety Strategy here.

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