At five separate beaches around Airey’s Inlet, 54 lifesavers – including participants from interstate and overseas – completed LSV’s Advanced Lifesaving Camp. By all accounts, it was the best camp yet and a very positive experience for all, including for the 13 people who were successful in achieving their gold medallion while on the camp.

The Advanced lifesaving camp is about developing the next generation of high quality lifesavers to provide them with the skills, experience and knowledge to take back to their clubs, careers and personal lives.

Run over five days, the camp challenges lifesavers to improve their skills and knowledge to a gold medallion standard. It’s set in both the classroom and a number of unique beaches to give lifesavers, and potential lifeguards, exposure to new and exciting locations as they put their skills to the test.

The program is run by a team of experienced lifesavers and lifeguards, including state and national lifesavers and lifeguards of the year. There were also guest presenters from medical fields and other emergency services.

Congratulations to all who participated and to those completing gold medallion qualifications, which are no mean feat and include:

– an 800m swim in under 14 minutes;

– a 400m swim, 800m run, 400m board paddle, 800m run in 25 minutes;

– a tube rescue of a patient 100m out at sea and returning them to the beach;

– a complete board rescue of a patient 200m out at sea and then returned.

The participant comments below attest to the challenging, yet supportive environment experienced throughout the camp experience:

“The Advanced Lifesaving Camp definitely built on my passion for lifesaving and gave an insight into avenues I never thought existed! I’d do it again in a heartbeat.”

“I thought this camp was amazing. Definitely one of the hardest camps I have ever done, mentally and physically. I could not have gotten through without the help of all the mentors.”

“All the mentors were friendly and very professional at all times. It was good to get some very experienced mentors to share their experiences with us.”

“Despite being a returning lifeguard, I found there was definitely lots more to learn. Advanced Lifesaving Camp was something I’d always wanted to do and I’m very pleased that I had the opportunity to go this year.”

“I really liked all of the mentors and leaders. Great group of people.”

“Really fun, kind, motivating and inspiring people.”

Keep your eye on our events calendar for more advanced lifesaving camps to be run in the future:

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