Victorian Public Pool State of Industry Report 2016/17

In September the Victorian Public Pool State of Industry Report 2016/17 was released. The aim of the report was to provide an overview of the performance of Victorian Council owned aquatic facilities (assessed using the Pool Safety Assessment) against best practice standards and expectations.

Overall the report identified marginal improvements in the safety standards demonstrated by the assessed facilities, through improvements in the mean Safety Scores and the mean Complance Scores.

As has been the case in the past, the report identified that facilities open all year outperformed those that operated seasonally and also that accredited platinum pools outperformed non-platinum pools.

The strongest performing areas were First Aid, Spa Pools, Lap and Lane Pools and Leisure Pools. The worst performing areas were Qualifications and Training, Supervision and Plant Rooms. Whilst this is of concern, it should also be seen as a significant improvement opportuntiy for both individual facilities and the broader Industry.

One of the key finding of the report supported the notion that ‘practice makes perfect,’ as facilities assessed each year outperformed those assessed every three years (or less) by a massive 21%.

The report also identified a key area of concern which is that over half of all Council pools have failed to undertake an assessed in the last three years. It is hoped that the new Code of Practice will assist in addressing this matter.

Follow the link below to view the full report to see how your facility performed
Key report findings included:

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